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4027 Leeds and Grenville 43
Kemptville, ON, K0G 1J0


People come from all over Eastern Ontario to see our vast selection of bird baths, benches, fountains, planters, pagodas, and statues. We are also known for our distinctive finishes that are all individual. Hansen's garden ornaments is the Ottawa areas largest and most unique supplier of concrete statuary.  



Fruits of labour

Kyle Hansen

The end of August is when we at Hansen's can finally pick and eat our delicious vegetables that we've been taking such great care for over the summer. From juicy organic heirloom tomatoes to fresh crispy carrots and peppers, this time of year our friends and family eat like royalty !

Freshly picked siting atop the Couples birdbath

Freshly picked siting atop the Couples birdbath

Our Pollenating Friends

Kyle Hansen

We are very aware these days of the importance in keeping our insect, and especially bee population strong and thriving. So what better way than to plant as many flowers in our planters and on our property as we can ! 

Veg Update

Kyle Hansen

Hey even though we've started the blog later in the season, doesn't mean we can't show the fruits of our labour ! Check out our heritage organically grown produce. With a little research, sweat, and nurturing you too can easily come up with the same fulfilling results.

Our other passion

Kyle Hansen

This blog is to share our symbiotic passion of statuary, nature and gardening with you our clients and friends.  As a local family-run business, we create hand crafted statuary for your home and garden - that's what pays the bills, well so we hope ! We Work with you to show design and planting ideas.

But we also love gardening and all the joys and positives that flow from it. Our planters are full of beautiful flowers to show you how happy flowers are and how robust vegetable plantings can be in our concrete planters.  Heirloom and organic flowers nurture our important bee friends who need all the 'friendly' natural pollinators they can find.  You can grow bountiful heirloom organic produce in a pot on your porch !  Big Garden, little garden, no garden ?  With our concrete concepts, you can grow your own healthy fruit and vegetables. 

Creating from concrete, planting for the future (and our bellies) are a natural fit, and we want to share this with you.  Keep checking back.  We'll give you updates on our product lines, tell you of our resident osprey family is doing, if our tomatoes survive the nightly visits of our local deer and share with you the pleasure of heirloom flowers and vegetables. Stay tuned !